This is the page where we can share stories about what has been happening in our lives.  Write a short letter to your classmates and include pictures, video, links to web sites, power point shows or any creative way we can express ourselves.  Send your contribution to and I will include it on this page.  Tell us about your life, projects, family, travel or anything you think would be interesting.

     I still perform a lot.  In the summer, there are festivals that provide an opportunity for talented young artists to work with older established ones - festivals like the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, where I've played for many years.  Next summer, Sir James Galway will be performing with a group of us, and the concerts are the very same day as our reunion!  So I can't be with you to share what I know will be a lot of fun. 

  It's been a rich musical life, concerts in Europe, Russia, Peru, Vietnam and many times in forbidden Cuba (on cultural exchange).  I still play about 25  or 30 concerts a year with various groups and on my own.  Someone posted a few tracks from my Soler CD on YouTube (Kathleen McIntosh) if you'd like to hear how a harpsichord sounds.  Greetings to all - and I hope to be around for the next reunion! 

Kathy McIntosh

After graduation I joined the Marine Corps in January 1963. After boot camp and 2nd ITR, I went to the 3rd Marine Division on Okinawa. 13 months later I came back stateside August 1964 to around September 1965. Then the 1st. Marine Division moved to Okinawa because the 3rd Marine Division was now in Vietnam. November 1966 I was transferred to Vietnam. I worked in the Headquarters Battalion in the Combat Intelligence and Aerial Photo. Interpretation Section. Keeping track of Viet Cong and Chinese troop activities. Stood a little guard duty and went some night patrols including night time swift boat patrols. Left Vietnam in late September 1966 with 3 months to go. I was discharged on December 16,1966 and came home. Became a State Trooper in September 1997 went to Medford Patrol Office. Ron Jones was also assigned to the Medford Office. About 2 years later I resigned my State appointment. and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Did a couple of years of drafting for engineering firms and others. I got a job with the City Of Scottsdale, Arizona Traffic Engineering for 7 years. I finally got tired of the inescapable heat. So on July 31, 1979 at 3:00am I left Phoenix and drove back to Oregon. It was 93 degrees at 3:30 am when I left Arizona. My 2nd wife and 2 kids flew and I drove. After some small jobs I was hired by ODOT and stayed there until retiring in 2004. My Vietnam duties left me and all the other veterans exposed to Agent Orange. I have been designated as 100% disabled by the VA. I still walk but have a walker and canes and a wheelchair when needed. The VA takes care of all my medical stuff including dental. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl, Jason, 34 and Megan 33 . They are in Arizona going to ASU. My 2nd wife passed on. My 3rd wife and I both worked for ODOT. She has 2 kids a girl and a boy both in Salem area. Only one grandchild with my 2 kids and she is Emma and 7 yrs. old living in France. We have 7 grandkids and 2 great grandkids on wives side. I'm living in NE Salem near PGE in Jan Ree 2. My wife Beverly is my care giver and she is a life saver. I do a little leather work such as belts and purses.
Ray Salisbury


Special Publications: Home & Garden Monthly | "Last of the neighborhood farmers" | The Register-Guard

Lots of people long to live in a quaint, late-19th century farmhouse with 2 acres for growing fruit, produce, chickens and plump pigs. A wee-wee-wee taste of the “Green Acres” lifestyle, and they’re good. But that was just enough to whet the appetite for Dick and Maryanne Severson. Since moving into their white-washed, 1893 farmhouse on Thurston Road some 25 years ago, the couple have revived a full-fledged farming lifestyle sadly lost in this half-rural, half-suburban neighborhood just east of Springfield. At first the Seversons worked their own 2 acres of old river-bottom land from the meandering McKenzie. Hog farming and weekly hauls of produce to the Saturday Market helped the couple’s two daughters, Jenni and Angie, earn money for college. But the closer Dick got to retiring from his career work in fisheries technology and agricultural management, the more his inner Jolly Green Giant stirred to life. Or more likely, his family roots.  Though raised in Oregon, Dick often worked summers as a youngster on his grandfather’s Iowa farm. “It’s just in Dick’s blood,” enlightens Maryanne. “That Iowa farm gene runs deep in his blood. He grew up in the city, in Salem, without any farming experience at all. But it just amazes me ... he can just do anything when it comes to farming.”

Today the Seversons lease nearby fields — about 80 acres in all — for grazing a 50-head herd of Angus cattle, growing shrubs and plants for local nurseries, and keeping Jerry’s Home Improvement Centers in Halloween pumpkins and Indian corn. Half-time farmhand Pablo Burcara pitches in with the year-round chores. They brand calves, lay fence, bail hay, build corrals. Their roadside produce stand — pay on your honor, now — brims with homegrown corn and fruit. Dick welds farm tools and parts in his shop, puts three tractors through the paces all year long, and nurses pregnant cows on cold winter nights. Maryanne, a retired teacher, sells the eggs from her chickens, but always saves some of the farm’s bounty for their use. “Everything we raise fresh is frozen, and pretty much lasts through the winter,” Dick extols. “We’ve usually got a quarter beef in the freezer, and, oh, gosh, she put up pears this year. We can sit down at a meal, and we’re often amazed: You look at it (and realize) you’ve raised everything on the plate.”

Holding their ground

Time has passed by the other few original farmhouses on Thurston Road. Neighboring homes have sprouted from about every era over the past century, and in fact even the Seversons must run their tractors across the road to reach open farm fields. None of their neighbors appear to farm anymore, in keeping with all-too-familiar agricultural trends. While Oregon still has about 40,000 farms, more than half of those — some 25,000 — gross less than $10,000 per year, Dick says. Another 10,000 farms, including Severson Farm, fall into the middle ground with gross incomes of up to $100,000 per year. Yet even at $100,000 gross per year, a farmer usually nets only about $17,000 after expenses. “They (farmers) are not able to generate a family-wage income off of that,” Dick elaborates. For every small farm that bites the dust to more lucrative urban development, another family loses its bond with the land. And that saddens this farmer. “All we know about agriculture, some of us, is we go to Safeway and buy a carrot in the cooler,” Dick says. “We really don’t think about it: where it came from, what it takes to grow it, how that seed had to be harvested even to begin to plant it.” A little like growing their corn, the Seversons sow seeds of education. The couple welcome schoolkids for tractor rides around Severson Farm, where the youngsters can marvel at everything from “baby pears” to easygoing cows. “I always say, ‘If you eat, you’re involved (with agriculture),’” Dick says. “For the younger generation to understand that, I think is important.” Especially here in the lush Willamette Valley, the rainbow at the end of the Oregon Trail.

“In some ways Oregon is blessed, because we have something like 250 commodities — everything from blueberries to nurseries to grapes,” Dick says. “If you go to the Midwest, they’ve got maybe 25 or 30 commodities.” In fact the pay dirt at Severson Farm is nursery crops, namely hedge and border plants: laurel, arbor vitae, Leyland cypress, photinia, boxwood, burning bush and others. “Right now, the nursery is carrying everything, basically,” Dick says. “The cattle aren’t making their way. Specialty crops (pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn) are marginal, close to breaking even. We’ve often said, ‘If Dick didn’t have a love affair with cows, we’d be doing OK.’ And that’s true.” Yet this farm has always been more about passion than money.

Love at first sight

After meeting on a blind date and getting married in 1967, the Seversons followed career life to various Oregon towns. They had long yearned for an old farmhouse, and hoped to find one upon moving to Eugene. Maryanne, who was raised on a small farm near Portland, was scouting properties with a Realtor when she first saw her future home in the late ’70s. “We drove down Thurston Road one day and I saw this house and said, ‘STOP THE CAR!’” she reminisces with a laugh. “I said, ‘That’s what we’re looking for.’ Of course it wasn’t for sale.” Actually the home would come on the market twice before the Seversons finally bought it in 1981. Built in 1893, very little of the original house still shows — mostly the main gable, a small patch of lap siding and a few interior doors. But even with multiple additions and layout changes over the years, it’s ideal for the couple’s longtime collection of antiques and older-style furnishings. It wasn’t until 1998, or five years before Dick “retired,” that the Seversons leased the first of their nearby farm fields and became true-blue farmers. One pasture borders the McKenzie River. “It’s our farmland, but it’s like our little haven, too,” Maryanne says. “We go down there and have picnics on the riverbank, and drive our ATV around.” Even the work, exhausting as it is from dawn to dusk, is rewarding. “You know, you look at it, and I’m probably working harder at times than I ever have,” Dick admits. “But it’s kind of a labor of love, I guess.”


HI EVERYBODY--GIGS & GOINGS ON:  Scott O'brien,(my Sebastopol bud and songwriting compatriot from way back in Berkeley Grad days) and  Cori Wood (Whattanincredible voice)  and moi will be at Two Crows roadhouse, 9890 Bodega Hwy, Sebastapol, for the swan song evening Sat. April 12.  $30 great dinner, all included.  ph: 829-5898. Original Americana, Folk, Country, with a taste of Jazz, Blues, and Pop...and cool covers like "Angel from Montgomery" and "Oh Lonesome Me".   Call for Reservations, hope to see you there. This is the last date at Two Crows as the place has been sold. Should be crazy fun nite with lottsa laughs. We got da harmonies goin' good.

Other good news: May 1-4  I'm off to Tucson for the Tucson Folk Festival competition,  as one of the top tenners from around the country.  Should be blazin' hot fun.  They apparently liked "The Ballad of Poker Alice" and "Home to Oregon."  Funny...I'll be a Californio in Arizona playing a song about my beloved early home Oregon.  Sounds like I could be in an altered state, no? social protest songs "Snake Oil" (co--writers Scott O'Brien and George Merill) and "I'm American Too" (from All things Considered album) and "Against the Grain" (From Shape of Things to Come album) were all featured on Thom Hartmann's Air America KPOG Portland Progressive Talk Radio show on April 2. I got some calls from all over the country on that day from people who knew my tunes. Wheeo. Maybe Thomas Jefferson was right about the power of the pen. (and music) !  I guess we gotta believe it makes a difference. If you're so inclined, it helps to call and/or inquire about the songs at KPOG.(866-303-2270) (Laurie Hartman) 

Three other songs, "Since Then" (for new album release Nov. 08) and "I'm American Too" and "Snake Oil"are apparently a part of the top 40 of the Public Domaine Foundation (Peter, Paul, and Mary) Songs for Social Change Competition based  in  Vermont.  There's a Christine Lavin radio show being planned for XM radio soon and I guess I'm in it as I had copyright queries from SDF.  More later on that.  If I get in top ten I'm goin' to Kerrville Folk Festival. 

KRSH FM 95.9 Wine Country Radio continues to play my new tune "Hometown Hardware" on fairly regular playlists, and occasionally "Hats" as well. (the latter from A.T.C. album). KRSH welcomes requests from either of the albums.  Frank Hayhurst of Zone has a great radio show 9 A.M. on Friday mornings on local musicians and doings from Sonoma County.   A strong and wise voice in the wilderness of Indie Music and a great encourager of all things melodic.  

CD baby's having a big push on CD sales this month in case you want to stock up for Christmas presents or time capsules.  However,"Shape of Things to Come" is all sold out and, as it's being digitally remastered and re-released in July, there ain't no more of them thar albums right now.  If any of my friends out there want to punch up CDBaby/L.K. Potts to make a postive comment or two about either album they can be posted on the CD baby website .  My albums are also at in Georgia.

SAVE:  June 7 for Studio E:  Scott, Cori and I will be doing a set as fundraiser along with three other acts. June 21 Trolley-Trestle Extravaganza at the Yellow Barn..I won't be hosting this year, but it's in  Chris Samson's able hands.  Some extraordinary musicians there...and 200 people or so...special guests including Teresa Tudury.  Scott, Cori and I again.  Don't miss this one!

FINALLY:  I've been invited to do a music video at BAY6, Harwood Productions new professional studio in Martinez: check it out!  Kevin Harris, legendary Bay Area producer, teams up with son Cameron, video genius, to film plays, music, concerts, and more!   This is a beautiful, large building with everything you need for youtube and websites/electronic press kits.  Enough Already!   Peace and Love from America's home town Petaluma.  


Hi Ron!

I finally took time to read your reunion letter and our class web site!  Roses to my classmates who take the time and effort to keep us together.

Since I moved from Salem after my graduation from Willamette in '66, I really have lost total touch with everyone from Oregon.  I spent about 6 years in the Bay Area and then moved to St. Louis in '72.  I have just retired from Maritz, Inc (Maritz Travel Company) after spending 35 great years.

I finally married my high school sweetheart, Nancy Ahrendt (class of '63) and did attend her reunion (probably the 35th).  We've been married 30 years and have two sons.

We live in beautiful Lake Sherwood, a private gated community about 35 miles from St. Louis.  Certainly not a large lake by Oregon standards, but large enough to ski, fish and enjoy the natural beauty of the hills, trees and sounds of nature.

St. Louis is not on the map as a tourist attraction but as with most of the Midwest, she's a fun city full of fun activities.  Although baseball is the staple in the area, I still prefer football and attend the Rams games (it is officially all about the tailgate).  Should any of my classmates wander through the area, Nancy and I would love to see you!

Best wishes and good health to my classmates and I'll try to make the next reunion! 

Mike McKinley

Dear Reunion Committee members and classmates,  

What a wonderful 45th reunion we shared!  Marralene and Rodney , thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into giving us all a terrific time together, by providing such a beautiful, comfortable  location.  It was fun to become reacquainted with so many of you, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. I wish I had had more time to visit with many of you longer!  Darwin, the food from Alaska was a special treat for us all! 

I’m happy to help in any way in the Seattle area in finding folks etc.  Hard to believe we have had a 45th reunion and are looking forward to the 50th

It was a fantastic venue, with very dedicated organizers and I think Marralene said it all very well in her email. Everything was wonderfully organized from the food, the displays, the check in, the welcoming atmosphere.  The committee members are to be thanked for all their work before and after the reunion in preparing for a great evening and cleaning up on Sunday after most of us had left to return home. 

If anyone is coming this way, or is here, would love to see you!   Thanks Marralene and Donna for keeping the list and would appreciate being a part of it.    

Marilee Watts McCorriston

10544 SE 28th St.
Bellevue, Wa
. 98004
Home 425 462 8099

I missed the reunion this year after planning for so long to be there.  The photographs taken at the reunion were wonderful!!  Hope to make the next one!!  My husband and I are both retired....he LeRoy) from the Salem Police Department, and Dyncorp, through the auspices of the United Nations working in Kosovo on the Macedonian  border checking for weapons, drugs and illegals.  I retired from Salem Hospital after working different areas of admitting, the Emergency Room, Nuclear Medicine, Ultra Sound and some part time work in Personnel.  

We've done some traveling, plan to do more...longest trip (air miles) were the Cook Islands in the South Pacific (not that far from New Zealand).   

We live on ten acres in Redmond, Oregon.   We horseback-ride, camp and sight see with friends.  We recently join the Porsche Club of Central Oregon after LeRoy acquired his dream car(a 911 turbo).   No, he hasn't acquired a ticket........yet! 

I am a breast cancer survivor after a major scare during Christmas of last year.   Six weeks of radiation following surgery is no fun!! 

 Karen Shrum (Thompson)

Redmond, Oregon


Hi Classmates, 

I was unfortunately unable to come to the reunion again this August.  I really do hope to come to the 50th.  I have been retired from an HMO similar to Kaiser since '01.  I have a daughter, Jennifer, 39, who is married with a 10 yo son, Dylan.  She & her husband both work for the State of Wa.  My son, Tyler, 33, is a marine biologist for the Alaskan fishing fleet.    He's stopped in to see Darwin a couple of time but hasn't run into him yet.  He was also living on the edge of the beach in Khao Lak, Thailand for 5 mo and literally outran the tsunami so I am very thankful for that miracle.  My husband, Bill, passed away last November after a very fast progressing dementia.  I live in Olympia, Wa but am spending about half my time in Reno, half way up Mt. Rose towards Tahoe.  I am going to Germany, Holland & Turkey in Oct for a month and am very excited.  We also plan on an extensive trip to Australia in about a year.  I play duplicate bridge online and have gone to a few tournaments and get-togethers in person over the last few years.

Would love to hear from anyone visiting either Olympia or Reno, cell phone 360-870-2871.  My email address is

The reunion pictures look like everyone had a blast (even though I didn't recognize most of you.)  I attached a picture taken at Crater Lake this past August so you can see me too. 

Sharon Decatur Bafus

John and Mary Jo Keortge and Rob and Jan Robinson couldn't make it to the 45th reunion so they went out to dinner on the evening their classmates were meeting in Salem.  They toasted the Class of 62 at a fine restaurant near San Francisco.  They promise to come to the next reunion.

Hello everyone; Ron Cross here.  I am enjoying retirement like many of you are or will soon.  I retired from a career teaching Chemistry at SSHS in 1998.  After surgery for cancer scare I taught workshops to educators for a few years until my real retirement.  Since then my wife, Barb (Hoxsey SSHS 63), and I have remodeled two houses and built a house on the site of her family cabin on the Little North Fork.  We have three children and four grandsons.  Our oldest daughter teaches 5th grade in Las Vegas.  Our other daughter owns A+ Mortgage in Salem and our son works with her as a broker.  He also coaches Football and Girl’s Basketball at SSHS.

I love puttering around in my shop building things or restoring old cars.  Barb and I spend most of our time with family and friends getting in a little travel, relaxing at the cabin and playing with our boat.   Life is good!

The 45th was a great experience and it was fun reconnecting with so many of you. 



Ron Cross


Hi Ron!  It was great to see you and all of the other classmates from '62.  I would like to receive updates regarding our class, so my e-mail address is  As I told a lot of my classmates, I'm still working in commercial construction and my wife, Georgie, is working in the floor covering business.  I have a daughter who is a veterinarian in Keizer and a son who is a police officer in Stayton.

Looking forwarding to seeing the pictures from reunion. 

Wally Lantz


Hi all, I enjoyed the reunion, everything was great. I am retired completely as of 1997 and am enjoying each day of it. I have gotten interested in R/C airplanes now so that keeps me busy building and flying them. Each Wednesday I volunteer at the Evergreen Air Museum, I work in the restoration area getting planes in shape for display. I am still married (same one) Judy, our two boys are both married and have children of their own now.
    I have missed the last few reunions as I was always back at Sturgis Bike week, but am bikeless at the moment. I am going to keep this short as not to sound like a muddling retired geezer.
  Take care and am looking forward to the next reunion.

Richard (Dick) Stutrud
Class of "62"



Retired from teaching June of '05, still have a part-time Psychotherapy practice in Petaluma.  Margaret in her last year of Kindergarten teaching. Son Adam (29) manager of Best Buy Chico, newly married, and daughter Sarah (32) finding her way with art and writing. 

Since becoming a singer-songwriter about seven years ago, I've been astonished to win and place in a number of International Song Contests:  John Lennon, Unison, Great American Song Contest, Kerrville TX Newfolk competition, West Coast Songwriters Song of the Year and third in the Intl. Song Contest, this year #1 Winner in Folk category.  I'm on a compilation CD with Steve Earle, Tom Waits, Roseanne Cash, David Bowie.  And some other good stuff has happened, like songs picked up for big Nashville Artists and for L.A. TV and Film  So I have a band now, "Rivertown" and we have seven pieces, some great players.  I'm writing and producing with George Merrill, the #1 Hit Songwriter for Whitney Houston..("I wanna dance with Somebody,  How Will I know...he was half of the pop duo Boy Meets Girl.  (remember "Waiting for a Star to Fall"? .we're writing and producing for my third album.  It's all fun for an old guy who can't read a note of music.  We still live in an old Victorian home in Petaluma dubbed the "money pit."  My health is good except for a couple knee replacements...High School Basketball and College be damned!  Looking forward to the reunion and to catch up on all my great classmates from way back when...

 Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion...didn't think I could make it but now I can.

Larry Potts   . 


Hi gang,

    I am writing to let you know that I will not be able to attend the 45Th reunion as I will be having a family reunion the same week-end. A bunch from my family get together, at the coast, each August so this is a chance for me to see some relatives that I haven't seen since last August.


    I am living in Salem now (retired from railroad) and doing just fine. If anyone wants to e-mail me my e-mail address is  I would like to hear from my class mates so feel free to write.


    Could the word get out that Dave Hamilton has a new e-mail address and he is not getting the notices for our reunion.  His new e-mail address is, NOT


    Again, hope everyone has a great day.


Jim Krueger

  This e-mail may be passed on to other members of our class if you wish.  Thanks.


Hi I am Carol Johnson Niederer, still living in Switzerland and enjoying my children and grandchildren and being retired like all the rest of us from 1962.

I won't be able to attend the Picnic this year again for I am coming to Oregon on the 6th of Sept.  We hope to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday.

My brother David and his daughter will be coming up from California.  I have always made the trip down with may mother, but she is unable to travel so far now.

I wish you all a good time with lots of laughs and fun.



How wonderful if every living member of the SSHS Class of ’62 would be present for the 45th Reunion. We have lived a lifetime with one, two, or perhaps three generations behind. Faced with retirement, new challenges, new horizons and new goals are ahead, while the memories of a lifetime remain. The stories our classmates can share!

I wish I could be there to listen to the stories of others and to possibly share a couple of my own. Unfortunately, it is doubtful I will be able to make it to the 45th. Perhaps the 50th!

Just for the record:

I am partially retired, but have chosen to officially retire at age 66. Highlights over the past year include a trip to Mexico to help construct two family dwellings for the poor and a recent trip to Africa to identify a means to deliver assistance, in some manner, to people at the village level. I traveled with my brother and his family and my older sister. We all returned with good ideas and some valuable contacts. Our backgrounds are all different and each of us has our own target group. I am confident we will make a difference in some small way.

I currently live in Phoenix, AZ and am contemplating selling my home, purchasing an RV of some sort, and spending time traveling in the US and Canada doing worthwhile things plus hiking and fishing. The rest of my time will likely be spent at a cabin near Bend, OR. I wish everyone well and would like to thank our host and hostess for providing the site for the reunion.

Rick Lewis

I received by mail from Jim Tilton the invitation for the class of 62 Reunion. I first want to thank the committee for the courtesy of the invitation and for you being the keeper of records. This sounds like it will be relaxing fun time.

We have just been blessed with two additional grandchildren in June, for a total now of 4, from our 2 children. Our children have started their family's late and we have been doing more baby sitting then (WE) first thought. My mother still is alive and this keeps me busy also. In addition being from NH is a long ways. I really had hoped to come to the West Coast this year including Oregon to celebrate with my wife our 41st wedding anniversary.

You guessed it , I unfortunately will not make the Reunion. Please keep me on posted on Class of 62 events in the future. My best to everyone and thanks again for this invitation.

Wayne Johnson
Nashua, NH


Thanks, Judy,


I am off on the 15th, for 2.5 weeks, to, among other things, taste the most excellent sushi from Japan's largest fresh caught tuna port, Kii Katsuura in Wakayama Prefecture in the Kii Peninsula. Japan is very affordable in the countryside, and the people are great. I have been going there regularly since 1998. These trips are inspired by the year and a half of hitchhiking I did in the Middle East in the mid 1960's. And, I still stay occasionally in youth hostels in Japan; you meet some of the most interesting people there. Attached is my photo from 2006 on the hiking trails in this remote part of Japan, the Kii Mountains in the Kii Peninsula, and its 1200-year-old pilgrim trails. Have a great reconnecting, story sharing reunion.


Jack Sanders


We just received a note from Gloria Chastain-Paulson’s family.  Gloria is ill with stomach cancer.  The family has set up a website regarding information about her care and support.  Our thoughts are with Gloria and her family.