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Share your life story (at least the parts you want published here) with your classmates so when they gossip about you at the 50th reunion they will be accurate. Email your life story to Ron Cross to include it in this special 50th reunion edition.            

Del Ramsell
It has long been my motto that, "If you have to choose between luck and brains, take luck every time." Needless to say I was lucky enough to attend SSHS where I met many life long friends, some of whom are still speaking to me.  And for those who are not, well maybe you can find some one else to cuss.That brings us to my higher education.  Thanks to OSU, Mt Angel College, WOSC, US Army, Mrs. Training wife, and a little bit of luck, I am finished with all of them.  The lucky part is I am still standing.  For the next 5+ years I counseled Juveniles.  Again I escaped in the upright position.  However got caught up in the big tent business I'm not really sure but 17 years later all I had to show for my efforts was a beautiful new wife and an all expense paid job opening in Medford, OR with Jetcraft Boats.  Talk about luck, this is the best thing that has ever happened to us. From there I went into business for myself manufacturing high end aluminum boat trailers.  Wait, here is the best part, at age 64 just before the "economic slowdown" I received an offer on my trailer business that I couldn't refuse.  Needless to say I took it and 60 days later I woke up jobless.  And talk about luck, we are comfortable, in good health, live on a hill, and I have a great shop where I can peruse my hobbies.  Currently I am building an aluminum jet boat for Val (wife), Keswick (the dog), and myself (laborer), and at the same time restoring a 66 Chevelle. Yes, I am still standing and one of the luckiest men alive.  Well, at least I was at the reading of this morning's obituaries.
Kathy Vohland
After I graduated from South, I attended Seattle Pacific College and earned a degree in history with an emphasis in elementary education. I would have liked to have taught social studies in high school or junior high, but was advised that if I couldn't coach, it was unlikely I would get a job. So I started teaching 5th grade at Normandy Park Elementary, moved to 6th grade then really moved to Parkside Elementary where I taught 5th again for 4 years. In that 4 years I pursued a Master's at Oregon College of Education and administrative credentials at the University of Washington. Once all the paperwork was done, I grabbed the first principalship offered, Forks Elementary School: 45 staff members, 800+ kids, and no place to live. It all worked out. The rain forest was great before the vampires. Eventually, I moved to Oak Harbor where I was the principal of Crescent Harbor Elementary and Oak Harbor Middle School. I retired and moved to Corvallis where I worked at the Sylvan Learning Center. Through all of these years, starting in college, I realized my calling was service. I have been a Soroptimist, a church council member, a CASA, a board member for Friends of the Library and Heartland Humane Society and the point person for a week the past two years at the Women's Homeless Shelter. I've raised three dachshunds and two Shelties. The dachshunds refused to learn to read; the first Sheltie was a rescue so she didn't have to do anything but stare at me. The current Sheltie has learned to keyboard and is on Facebook whenever I put the laptop down on the floor for her. I read voraciously and make magnetic bookmarks for sale and gifts. I also write in a lot of strange places (not public-restroom-walls kind of strange). If I had any self discipline, I would finish the novel about Forks which illustrates that it doesn't really need the supernatural to be an interesting place. 


Hugh Harris
After graduation from South Salem  I attended the University of Oregon and graduated in 1966.  I earned a degree in Business Administration and was awarded a Distinguished Military Graduate (DMG) through ROTC.  The DMG gave me a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Regular Army.  I served in the Army for 6½ years including 18 months in Vietnam as an Advisor with MACV.  I resigned my commission in 1972 and moved to Australia with my 1st wife.  We divorced and I married my wife Jeni in 1980.  I got custody of my 3 children 6 weeks after Jeni and I met so she became an instant mother.  Our children are Cassandra (Casey) – 40 and Andrew – 36.  We lost Kate in 2001.  My Business life in Australia included being National Sales Manager for one of Australia’s largest clothing companies.  From there I became involved in ‘character merchandise’ licensing, representing Lucas Films for the licensing of Star Wars, the Children’s Television Workshop for Sesame Street and numerous other film and television properties.  We then moved from Sydney to Forster on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and I bought a swimming pool company which I ran for 10 years before retiring at the end of 2010.  We live on a canal in Forster Keys and I now enjoy playing golf and fishing.

Raidena Williams Toney.
I was born in Salem on 11/18/1943. My family  moved to Missouri when I was about 5. I started school in Missouri and went to school there until the end of the 4th grade. We moved to California and I went to the 5th grade in Arcata, CA. We moved back to Salem and  I spent the remainder of my school years there. I went to the 6th grade at Pringle Elementary, to Leslie JHS for the 7th and 8th grades, to Judson JHS for the 9th and graduated from South Salem High School in 1962. I met and subsequently married my husband Jerry Toney in February of 1963 in Arcata, CA. I had gone back down there to stay with my oldest sister when she was getting ready to have her 4th child and never went back to Salem. We moved to Sacramento, CA. in 1965. I went to work for the State of California in 1966 and worked for the California Department of Motor Vehicles for 38 1/2 years until my retirement in 2003. I was widowed on November 3, 2006. We had been married for almost 44 years. We had 2 sons, Chris and Kevin, born in 1970 and 1973, respectively. I have 3 wonderful grandchildren, Kevin Jr.(dob 7/29/1997), Viviana (dob 7/14/2003) and Eddie (dob 4/11/2010) and 2 loving step-grandchildren. Plus a few 'adopted' kids that call me Mom and Grandma..

Diane A. Hulbert
In 1967, I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and taught second grade in Washington and Southern California.  In the mid 70’s, I moved to Salem, and have been working as a grocery checker for 35 years for Thriftway and Roth’s. I enjoy working, swimming, reading mysteries, going to musical concerts and plays.  I love to travel to Southern California to visit lifelong friends and relatives. Fondest Memory:  The music department – Band and Orchestra.

James A. Gunder
One week after graduation from high school, I was on my way to Fort Ord California for Infantry training.  I was in the Army NG for 6 years.  I worked for Ferris Veneer in Lions, Or. for 6 years then went to Alaska and worked for H & G Logging Co. for 2 years.  Came back to Oregon and went to work for Tek in Beaverton for 1 year.  I then went to work for Rossman Garbage Service for 30 years.  I am retired.  I like to go camping and travel.  I volunteer at our church for several needs.  I enjoy going to the men’s class breakfast once a month.

John Marsh
I still have family and friends in Salem, although I haven’t lived there since high school.  Went to Lewis and Clark College, then U of O for my teaching certificate, and taught elementary school in Fremont, CA one year, and all the rest in Everett, WA.  I retired 14 years ago, and have gotten very involved in gardening which is my passion.  I love planting things and watching them grow.  I also love my partner Bob who has been my life partner for 40 years.  Along with gardening, being involved with gay rights and gay fun is a big part of my life. I have good memories of South Salem High:  some very important teachers, my friends in classes and on the track, French Club.  We were so young and naïve, hopeful, eager to get on with our lives, weren’t we?  All my high school relics have been lost, my yearbooks, letterman’s jacket, so I look forward to seeing some mementos at the reunion that might help jog my fading memories.

Peggy Jo Cook Coker
Went to Mills College in Oakland, CA – freshman year.  Transferred to OSU and pledged KAO.  Graduated in 1966 and moved to San Diego, CA. where my husband was serving an internship at Balboa Naval Hospital.  I taught sixth grade.  Then US Navy sent  us to the forward support base for the Vietnam War, great deal- Taiwan, Hawaii (where we visited Marilee Watts McCorriston), Japan, India,(3 times), Thailand (6 times), Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, etc.  Then the Navy sent us to the U.S. Naval Academy and we visited the east coast of the U.S.A.  We got out of the navy and moved to Houston, TX, where my husband did a residency at the famous TX Medical center.  I taught school in Houston until we started our family.  Our son went to Occidental College in CA, and has a MBA from the University of Chicago.  His wife is a neuron-radiologist at TX Medical Center.  Our daughter graduated from Vanderbilt University and is the mother of two young sons.  My husband is in private practice and I do the books for his office.  I served as an officer of KAO for eleven years, traveling the U.S.A.visiting chapters and assisting with recruitment.  I am a sustainer in the Junior League.  I received the Jefferson Award from Channel 13 for community service.
The only news I have if there is any sort of memory book or whatever, is that my husband and I are being honored at a gala on September 28. It is a fund raiser for the Centrum Arts League. They put on concerts in our community for children and families.  For example, they bring the Houston Symphony Orchestra here every New Year’s Eve to do a special concert.  They also take children on tours through the local art museum.  They take every child in  third grade in the entire school district each spring on these special tours. It takes days.  The funds raised at the gala will support these activities and others like them. I have been on the board of CAL for over five years and have worked on many of their projects so I guess they decided to make us the honorees this year.  We are humbled.  They said they picked up because of our long time service to the community.  (My husband has been Rotarian of the Year twice and also served as president.) Have a wonderful event and I will be thinking of all of you and wondering about each of you and wishing I was there to see you again.

Steve Busick
The best thing that happened to me at South Salem High School was not being a successful athlete.  As a result, I paid more attention in the classroom, though still an average student.  I made it through 4 years of college at Willamette, 4 years of night law school at Lewis & Clark, and 2 years of studying for the bar exams.  I have been practicing law in Vancouver Washington for 40 years, and still going strong, with no computer and no cell phone.

Kathy McIntosh
I still perform a lot.  In the summer, there are festivals that provide an opportunity for talented young artists to work with older established ones - festivals like the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, where I've played for many years.  Next summer, Sir James Galway will be performing with a group of us, and the concerts are the very same day as our reunion!  So I can't be with you to share what I know will be a lot of fun.  It's been a rich musical life, concerts in Europe, Russia, Peru, Vietnam and many times in forbidden Cuba (on cultural exchange).  I still play about 25  or 30 concerts a year with various groups and on my own.  Someone posted a few tracks from my Soler CD on YouTube (Kathleen McIntosh) if you'd like to hear how a harpsichord sounds.  Greetings to all - and I hope to be around for the next reunion!

Ray Salisbury
After graduation I joined the Marine Corps in January 1963. After boot camp and 2nd ITR, I went to the 3rd Marine Division on Okinawa. 13 months later I came back stateside August 1964 to around September 1965. Then the 1st. Marine Division moved to Okinawa because the 3rd Marine Division was now in Vietnam. November 1966 I was transferred to Vietnam. I worked in the Headquarters Battalion in the Combat Intelligence and Aerial Photo. Interpretation Section. Keeping track of Viet Cong and Chinese troop activities. Stood a little guard duty and went some night patrols including night time swift boat patrols. Left Vietnam in late September 1966 with 3 months to go. I was discharged on December 16,1966 and came home. Became a State Trooper in September 1997 went to Medford Patrol Office. Ron Jones was also assigned to the Medford Office. About 2 years later I resigned my State appointment. and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Did a couple of years of drafting for engineering firms and others. I got a job with the City Of Scottsdale, Arizona Traffic Engineering for 7 years. I finally got tired of the inescapable heat. So on July 31, 1979 at 3:00am I left Phoenix and drove back to Oregon. It was 93 degrees at 3:30 am when I left Arizona. My 2nd wife and 2 kids flew and I drove. After some small jobs I was hired by ODOT and stayed there until retiring in 2004. My Vietnam duties left me and all the other veterans exposed to Agent Orange. I have been designated as 100% disabled by the VA. I still walk but have a walker and canes and a wheelchair when needed. The VA takes care of all my medical stuff including dental. I have 2 kids a boy and a girl, Jason, 34 and Megan 33 . They are in Arizona going to ASU. My 2nd wife passed on. My 3rd wife and I both worked for ODOT. She has 2 kids a girl and a boy both in Salem area. Only one grandchild with my 2 kids and she is Emma and 7 yrs. old living in France. We have 7 grandkids and 2 great grandkids on wifes side. I'm living in NE Salem near PGE in Jan Ree 2. My wife Beverly is my care giver and she is a life saver. I do a little leather work such as belts and purses.