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Donna L. Morse Maerz
My relatives all think I’ve retired to a lavish island with maids, servants, and a private jet.  Truth is I’m….living “below my means” (Ha!) back in Merced, CA, where I’m lucky enough to have two jobs and can see my granddaughter everyday.  She’s 3.  We love Buzz Light-year, Woody, Jesse, trains, parks, playing ball, and the whole world is a wonder.  Can’t wait to get back to Oullettes to see if I’m still “Queen of the outhouse” – Dale Addie could become the “King”, if I don’t make it in time to do my “duty”.  In any case, roses, hugs, and loves to all.
Carol Ann Smith Newton Bolster Slocum
I’m semi-retired and living on floating home on Hayden Island in Portland, Or.  Lived in Seattle for 30 years.  Had a good and fun career in retail and as a sales rep. for Fashion Accessories.  Traveled the N.W., Alaska, and to N.Y.C. 5 times a year. Enjoyed cruising the San Juan’s and Gulf Islands aboard the “Glorybe” an 36’ 1914 classic yacht.  Have traveled some:  Hong Kong, South China, Australia, Great Barrier Reef, and the Hawaiian Islands.  Still enjoy gardening, but on a floating boat it’s confined to pots and planters.  My 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters and families are all in Oregon and we still like each other – Life is good….
Lynn Ertsgaard
Following high school graduation, I attended Pacific Lutheran University, graduating in 1966 with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and History. Following four years of graduate school at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, I was ordained as a Lutheran clergyman in June, 1970.  I served congregations in Tillamook, Oregon, Longview, Washington and Seattle, Washington until 1985, when I resigned parish ministry and began a new career as a securities and insurance broker.  After 26 years in this business, I formally retired in 2011.
I married my college sweetheart, Wilma (Willy) Baer in August, 1966.  Willy retired in 2008, after 20 years in Sales and Management with McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. Prior to her work with McGraw-Hill, she owned a textile art business and, also was a school teacher in the public and private sector. During the 46 years of our life together, we have been blessed with three children and five grandchildren.  Our oldest, Bryan, lives with his wife, Melissa in Dayton, Ohio, where they are both elementary public schoolteachers. Our oldest grandson, Luke, will be a freshman in college this fall; Lyrit is a 7th grader and Liam is a 5th grader in Dayton.  Our middle son, Joel, lives in Seattle with his wife, Sarah, and two children – Erik, a 5th grader, and Anna, a 2nd grader.  Joel is an Art Director at REI and Sarah is an Occupational Therapist.  Our youngest son, Leif, is single, lives near us in Seattle, and works at KCTS television station in Seattle, a Public Broadcasting Service Network.
In addition to our primary residence in Seattle, we own a home on Lake Chelan, where we spend most of the summer months enjoying the growing wine culture and the resort atmosphere attendant with the recreational water activities and outdoor hiking, backpacking and camping. Our Chelan home is also a place where our family can gather each year at the same time, in one place for summer fun and outdoor recreation. With two large properties to maintain and manage, my primary hobby and retirement passion is gardening. Since college days, I have maintained a strong interest in History and continue sleuthing in my favorite used bookstores looking for first editions and other gems in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and 20th century history with emphasis on the Presidents. Willy has an abiding interest in our German/Norwegian ancestry and has done extensive research for our family history, dating back to the 14th Century.  We travelled in 2011 to seek and explore some of these New World roots in S. Dakota and Minnesota.
Since Willy’s business career involved extensive travel, we have nurtured friendships in all corners of the country and we connect with these friends as often as our time allows.  These years in the penultimate time of our lives are the most enjoyable for the time we have nurturing the development of our grandchildren and looking back with grace and gratitude for our good fortune in reaching this time of life, still in good health, with positive attitudes and hopeful spirit that we will leave our progeny a better, more gentle world.

Sandie (Francis) Stoutenburg
Aloha - I was born in Minnesota and moved to Salem when I was 16 in the middle of my Junior year.  My favorite high school memories are the Twerp Dance and graduation..  After graduating I began my 35 year career with the State of Oregon.  In l967 I married Gene Stoutenburg and divorced in 1982. I had always been interested in travelling and over the years have visited Europe, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, India, cruised the Panama Canal and the Caribbean.  My next port of call is China. Over the years I was diagnosed with three different lymphomas and underwent surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy and had a bone marrow transplant in 1989 being the first person to survive this procedure in treatment of lymphoma. I retired in 1998 from the Oregon Health Plan so I could care for my aging parents and by 2002 I was also caring for my terminally ill fiancé.  By 2004 all three had passed away so I sold everything I owned, bought a red Mustang convertible and moved to my Beloved Hawaii where I now live in Waikiki and plan on staying here until I die.  I am very active in my church and several recycling projects.  I also enjoy sun tanning, walking the beaches, and relaxing (knocking back a few brewskies).  The weather, the people, the different cultures and the beaches are to die for so it is Aloha Nui Loa for me. I hope this isn't too long.  Looking forward to seeing you in August.

Gail (Shoemake) Scott
I married my high school sweetheart Gary Scott (class of 1961) in June 1962.   Our 50th anniversary  is this year & we are planning a month long trip to Spain with a stop over in Paris in September to celebrate.  We have three sons , two granddaughters, and one grandson.  Our Sons and grandchildren all live in the Portland area & we enjoy  family events & take special vacations together. I have been honored to baby sit our grandchildren in their infant years and watching them grow up. I worked in the student loans & visa department at US Bank for 10 years retiring as a loan officer . I enjoy playing  golf,  PEO, spending time with family and friends and  traveling. We have been able to see most of the United States, taken long trips to Italy, Ireland, Germany and spend a month in Hawaii each winter. We appreciate our sunrises in our Charbonneau home and enjoy the sunsets in our Rockaway Beach home.

Dick Harp
After graduation I worked in a grocery store for several years. I married Zeana Diamond. We were married twenty five years and had three children I was appointed to the Oregon State Police on May 1, 1966.  I worked patrol, drug enforcement, Criminal investigation detective, and as a forensic document examiner.  Thirty years later I retired.  I lived in Minnesota from 2004 to 2010.  My children are Rick, Lisa, and Russ.  Rick and Lisa each have two children.  I proposed to my fiancé, Rosalie Stamos, while on the Eiffel Tower in May three years ago..  We live in the Hollywood District in Portland and are thoroughly enjoying retirement and one another.  I attend the ’62 Saxons guys’ brunch monthly.  We attend family events, live theater, walking along the Tualatin River, travel, and any spur of the moment activity.  Rosalie’s hobby is making greeting cards.  She is very creative.  My hobby is building my own computers and optimizing their operation.  I met many of Rosalie’s friends while attending her 50th class reunion.  Now she will meet my friends.  LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Don Brown
After a couple of years at U of O, I finished my degree at Cal Poly, Pomona. Cheryl and I met in my senior year and were married a year later (45 years ago!). We spent 4 years in the Air Force, mostly near Little Rock, AR, babysitting Titan II missiles. Got my Masters at Univ. of Oklahoma while in the service. We signed up for the Peace Corps in 1971 and spent 3 years in Botswana, Africa, where our first daughter, Jenny, was born and our second daughter, Leslie, was conceived and almost born --- we barely made it back to the states for her birth in 1974. While there, I helped develop and implement the country's first Rural Development Plan. Cheryl was an ace trainer of aspiring teachers at the Teacher Training College. My entire career was spent in city government, the last 16 as a city manager of two cities: Chandler, AZ, and Cupertino, CA. It turned out to be a wonderful career for me. Cheryl spent those same years as an elementary school teacher (reading specialist) in different districts as we moved to 5 different cities following my career. We retired in 2000, moved to Tucson, AZ, and never looked back. We love our home here in Tucson. We have become active as volunteers in local politics. We take advantage of a vibrant and diverse local music scene and enjoy regular golf at a nearby club. Traveling has been a big part of our retirement, and with one grandchild and two daughters in the Bay Area, we include a few trips a year to NorCal.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th! (By the way, in 1962 the Life Expectancy was 69.7 years, so I guess since we are all 67 or 68, we had better really live it up at the reunion. We are playing with house money.)=


Rick Pomeroy

Gosh, a lot of water has passed under the bridge for all of us but it’s great to catch up and see where the twists and turns of our lives have taken us. Following a year at the University of Colorado (where I majored in skiing and beer drinking and pining away for Cecilia) the Dean of Students suggested that a smaller school with fewer distractions might enhance my chances for graduation.  I transferred to Linfield and reacquainted with Cecilia.  Following a New Year’s celebration with Dick and Zena we became a “family” and a month later we were married.  Our son Danny was born in September ’64.  I graduated and joined the Air Force going to pilot training in Texas with Cecilia, Danny and now a sweet addition; our daughter, Jeanne born in ’66.  A move to northern Maine followed as I was assigned to Strategic Air Command (SAC) flying KC-135 tankers.  A year tour in Viet Nam in C-130’s followed, and at that point my immaturity and sense of adventure and immortality led Cecilia and me to divorce. A number of other Air Force assignments followed… from Southern California flying B-52 bombers to The Boeing Company in Wichita doing test and acceptance flights in multiple aircraft, to 5 years in Berlin working with French, British, and Soviet Air Force Staff Officers, and completing my 20 years back in SAC as a KC-135 instructor pilot.  While in Berlin I met a wonderful lady from West Virginia and we were married in 1980.

Following retirement from the Air Force in 1986, we moved to Winchester, Virginia, where I settled into a job as a Director of Human Resources for a sheet vinyl manufacturing company but within 3 months was offered a position flying one of their corporate jets.  Eight years of corporate flying and suddenly I was asked to take over the entire corporate HR function.  In 2006 our company was bought by a multi-national global polymer company and I switched jobs moving to a fruit processing /manufacturing company in Winchester where I retired as their Vice President of Human Resources.  After 2 years of traveling Europe and the US in our camper, hiking, climbing, snowshoeing and skiing in Colorado and Montana, and building a log home on a river in West Virginia, I was approached by a local company to fly part-time for them in their Hawker 900 XP jet.  So I am now mostly retired, still wonderful friends with Cecilia, and enjoying all the blessings that come with good health, maturity, a wonderful daughter and 5 grandchildren.

Daryll T. Smith

After graduation I went to OCE (now Western Oregon U) –  leaving just before I had enough credits to graduate – because it seemed like a good idea then and much more fun to own a tavern!  So I opened The Tap Room in Independence, then Magoo’s in Salem, and purchased The Westerner in Albany.  In 1975 I sold the last bar and got into the used car business, eventually opening Keizer Auto Sales in two locations in Keizer.  In 1986 I left the car business and got into the Christmas tree business.  I grow trees here in the Willamette Valley and retail them in San Antonio and the South Texas area.  I spend five months every winter in San Antonio and the rest of the year here in Salem. I have 3 sons. 7 grandkids, and 2 great-grandkids.  Of those 12 kids, there’s only one girl!! Elaine loves to travel, and she drags me along, reluctant and protesting.  We’ve been to many countries and islands, including Europe and Asia, and this spring it was Norway, Finland, and Russia.  But I must admit it’s been fun and extremely interesting and educational.  She’s got The Czech Republic and Poland on our itinerary for next year – if I go (ha ha). Every summer I still drive the first car I ever owned (bought when I was 15 in Montana) – my ’37 Ford Coupe.

Walt Barger

Walt won't be able to attend the reunion.  Here is a brief explanation: Gretchen just got on the Lung Transplant list at the University of Washington so we won’t be able to attend.  We are staying very close to home as when we get the call we have to be in Seattle within 4 hours.  All is going well and we both are excited and anxious to get this behind us. It will get Gretchen back to living a normal life. 

Linda Ohling Bell

After graduation from South Salem I attended Washington State University and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.  I was married to Bob Bell on graduation week end and we started our married life in Los Angeles until Bob had to report for active duty in Army.  We were stationed at Fort Belvoir near Alexandria VA for one year and then Bob was sent to Vietnam.  I spent the year back in Salem from April ’68 to May ’69 and was the school librarian shared by Highland Elementary and Engelwood Elementary.  The principal at Highland was George Wright who had been principal at Liberty School when I attended there in the 6th grade.
After Bob’s return from Vietnam we began to make plans to move to Anchorage Alaska where Bob was a civil engineer and I a substitute teacher.  Our daughters Jennifer and Gretchen were born there.  It was a great time to live in Alaska and I have many dear friends from those days.  It was there that I found a new career in tourism/destination marketing and went to work for the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau.  After a divorce the girls and I resettled in San Jose CA and I worked for the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau.  When the girls had finished school and were on their own, I took a job with the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau and in 1992 I moved to northern Indiana.  I lived on the shore of Lake Michigan about half way between Chicago and South Bend.  I enjoyed the Midwest and the friendly people there. 
With both of my daughters back in Alaska and 4 grandchildren and my parents getting older, I decided in 2000 to come back to the West Coast.  I accepted a position with the Clackamas County Convention & Visitors Bureau and settled in West Linn.   I retired from that position in 2010 and opened Wynona Studios in downtown Oregon City shortly after that.  Wynona Studios is a fiber arts studio with classes, memberships, creative space and retail related to fiber arts.  I enjoy the new friends that are finding the studio and reconnecting with many friends from past years.
Wynona Studios is named after my Grandma Kelly who some will remember from skip days at the beach.  She passed away in 1995 at the age of 94 and I still miss her.  My folks moved to Capital Manor in West Salem in the late 90s and while Dad passed away in the fall of 2009 my Mom is living there and enjoying life.  She lives in the garden apts.  And loves to have company.
I was not very good at staying in touch with high school but since joining Facebook a few weeks ago it has been fun to read about so many of you and it brings back many memories, most of them good.  The best to all of you.