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Robbie (Turner) Wright

Married. Five children. Graduated from Linfield.  Career:  Working for an organization whose mission is to provide support and positive parenting skills to parents of infants and young children.

Barbara (Tribbett) Gardner

After SSHS, I graduated from OSU, have moved to Indiana, Connecticut, New York, Atlanta, Charleston SC, and landed in Kansas.  All for school, work, and my husband – Jared jobs.  After working 45 years – have retired and begun looking at that spare time we dreamed of.  There are two bulldogs and aviary of older birds, container gardens, some traveling, and trips to Oregon (where my mother still lives-she’s a young 97yrs old) to occupy most of the time.  I think this will be my second reunion-so will be looking forward to a good time.  I did enjoy the newsletters…Fondest memories of SSHS, home rooms (Mr. Birrell), the music programs; I found a 33 record of holiday songs. Basketball games and marching bands….

Douglas V. Christensen

Fifty years' history is almost more than I can remember.  Let me just tell you about our family as it is today.  Beth and I have been married a little over 41 years.  We have lived in Sandy, UT, a suburb of Salt Lake City, for 31 years.  We have four children, three girls and a boy, 10 grandchildren, 6 boys and 4 girls.  Two of our girls and their families live in the Salt Lake Valley.  Our eldest daughter and her family live in Castle Rock, CO and our son and his family live in Casper, WY.  You can guess that we are well acquainted with I-80 across Wyoming.  Beth works full time (she's younger than I am) for Intermountain Healthcare and I am semi-retired.  I have worked for Hinckley Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep for 30 years as manager of the used car department.  I still have the title but go to work late, leave early and no longer work Saturdays.  I don't even go in everyday.  My work used to take me all over the country purchasing inventory.  I was in Detroit twice a month and was in Chrysler's styling dome when it was announced that there would be a new corporate museum.  I have been part of the museum volunteer staff since its inception.  I don't get there as much anymore since I don't travel as much but still manage to serve two or three times a year for a week at a time.  In fact I will be there the week before the reunion. One of the greatest benefits is the occasional day that Chrysler opens their proving ground at Chelsea, MI to us.  I will never forget the time they announced midway through the day that the speed limit was 55 mph.  Matt, our son, was with me that day. I looked at him and said, "Opps".  The high speed oval was open to us, and I cannot put in print what speed we had already done. The next time the proving ground is open to us is in October of this year, and I will be there. I am lead trombonist for the Murray Concert Band--have been for 24 years--and as it is a non-profit organization, I have served on the board for 23 years.  I no longer perform out of town as I used to do.  The entire family loves Oregon; we make it to the coast and our small home there about two times a year.  We plan to spend more time there when we finally totally retire.

Dick Severson  

I’m reminded often of how life’s experiences shape, mature and further define who we are.  My life’s experiences brought me full circle in preparing me to realize my life’s passion to farm. (ya, some say I’m a bit crazy).  My wife and I have lived the last 31 years on our farm in Springfield where we have been fortunate to have raised our family.  We commercialized the farm operation 10 years ago to include ornamental nursery, cattle and row crops (pumpkin and corn) and continue to enjoy the challenges of production agriculture.  After college my formal career began in fisheries research in 1968 working for the state of Oregon.  I taught Fisheries Technology at Mt. Hood Community College for a period of time.  In 1973 I helped form a salmon ranching company, Oregon Aqua Foods, Inc.  Weyerhaeuser purchased the company in 1975 and I served in the capacities of project manager, general manager and president over a period of 17 years.  During this time I also traveled to Iceland (numerous times), Chile, Norway and Japan on aquaculture assignments.  In 1992 I left my fisheries career to take a position of general manager for an agri-business company, Agri-Tech Inc., commuting to Albany until my retirement in 2003.  I have served as president of the Oregon Agri-business council and been involved in the work of several Christian community organizations. I recently celebrated 45 years of marriage to my best friend and the love of my life, Maryanne.  We have two incredible, beautiful adult daughters living in Portland.   Like most of us I’ve also had my share of health challenges, a cancer survivor, farm accident and resultant surgeries all too which mold and refine us and I’m enjoying life as I never have before.  God is Good!     


Kim Reaney

After graduation attended OSU.  Graduated in 1968 with degree in Fish and Wildlife Management.  I married Linda Parisotto in 1968, we had two children Susan, born in 1972 and Wade, born in 1975. Then into United States Air Force 1968 to 1974.  Attended Navigator training and served as Weapons Systems Officer in F-4 fighter aircraft. Spent two years in S.E. Asia. Flew 367 combat missions in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  Returned to civilian life in 1974.  Joined the Oregon State Police and served as a Fish and Wildlife officer in Burns, Oregon for 17 years.  In 1984 I was divorced and then married Priscilla Cole in 1986. Then promoted to Fish and Wildlife Sergeant in Ontario, Oregon, retiring in 1999.  Moved to Victor, Montana in 1999 and built a home on 20 acres in the Bitterroot Valley.  Enjoying retirement hunting , fishing, X-country skiing, boating and camping.  I do some taxidermy work for friends and restore old Ford tractors.


Merry Ann McGlinn-Zevenbergen

 Aloha, from 21degrees 18 minutes North, 157 degrees 51 minutesWest, 2,561 miles from Salem, the 50th State in the Union and the birthplace of our 44th President of the U.S.  (Sneaky how I did that.)  I have seen a sprinkling of our former classmates over the last 40 years usually when I’d traveled back to Salem to show my artwork at the Summer Art Festivals in Bushes Pasture. Following my path around life could make anyone dizzy. I’ll tell it straight and short.  I was accepted at the Portland Museum Art School (now Pacific Northwest College of Art) fall of 1962.  It was a small school at the time.  One hundred new students were accepted each year and half were uninvited back the second year. Most of my 49 classmates and myself made it through the next three years.  I would do it again even though most of my classmates wondered why I “dressed up to go to school”.  In 1966 I saved enough money to move to San Francisco via the Greyhound bus. It was perfect.  I spent a year and a half dressing Hippies in San Francisco through my responsibilities as the art department for a small family owned chain of stores called India Imports International. My job was producing newspaper ads, product design and interior design for five stores in the Bay area and one in Hawaii. Some say it was the Nordstrom’s for everything Hippie. I still overdressed buying my clothes at Joseph Magnin’s.  In l968 my boss asked me to go to Hawaii to straighten out the advertising etc. and help with the new stores opening there.  I stayed six years. It was perfect. But I missed my family in Oregon.  I returned to Portland with my poi dog, Sweet Pea, and too many bikinis and not enough warm stuff.  In 1974ish it was either unemployment check or working in sales promotion at Fred Meyer.  I had a “My-Te-Fine” time for a couple of years.  I was finally working in an art/advertising department on staff with other people. It wasn’t perfect for me so I quit and worked first at a small private college and then a community college designing recruitment materials.  It wasn’t perfect.  So I just quit. Hello Saturday Market. Hello Dave Zevenbergen.  We met at Portland Saturday Market.  He was selling his stained glass and I was selling nonsensical animal drawings.  He fell for me even if I wore flight deck overalls from Andy & Bax. While dressed perhaps strangely, I was warm. Speeding along, I asked Dave to marry me.  He was shocked. It was perfect.  I was not overdressed for our wedding.  Sweet Pea and I married Dave and moved to Vancouver for eight years living in and restoring an 1895 farmhouse. I had the opportunity to illustrate 15 children’s books with the infamous Stephen Cosgrove, while Dave worked for WSDOT. Perfect. In 1992 we moved to Centralia, Washington and bought 1901 Craftsman bungalow and restored again.  I opened a small gallery/studio.  And for the first time in my life I had three dogs at one time.  Perfect.   Then we decided to move to Hawaii when Dave retired and we did in 2007 - not the best time with the economy, but it all worked out fine and we’re still here after five years doing what we love and do best.  Dave is a civil engineer at HDOT and I am about to put my artwork in a gallery.  Our favorite pastime in paradise is paddle boarding on weekends in Haleiwa.  I use our dog, Pogo Sweetie Pie, for ballast. Perfect.  I dress appropriately, sunscreen and sun block clothing.  For those of you who are coming to the picnic…see you there.  For the rest of you Saxons, best of luck and  good health. To the hard working group that helps us stay in touch and get together, Mahalo.       Aloha, Merry Ann


Ken Kleinsmith

After high school, I went on a four year all-expenses paid journey that originated in San Antonio and Amarillo Texas, and continued on to England, France, Germany, Libya and finally to New Jersey and back home to Salem, all thanks to the USAF. After discharge from the Air Force, I got married and lived in Castroville CA, Salem, Albany, Eugene and finally in Corvallis for 31 years before retiring from a job with the State of Oregon.  I returned to Salem 13 years ago. Between discharge from the Air Force, getting married and retiring, I had, and still have, (well, I had a little help), two children.  Jeff received his BA from U of O and is now the Art Director for SubPop, a record company in Seattle, and Andrea received her BA from U of O, MS from Aizu University in Japan, and her PhD in Computer Sciences from UCL in London, England and is currently working at Goldsmith’s University in London.  I have two granddaughters, Juni - 14 and Frances - 9 who live in Seattle with their parents, Jeff and Katie. Between marriage, having children and while going to college, I worked a plethora of jobs which included tire manufacturing in Salinas CA, plywood mill, fork lift driver, convenience store clerk, pizza parlor, grave digger, employment counselor, night watchman, dishwasher, builder and hod carrier, I went to the U of O School of Architecture for 4 ˝ years, then took a job with the State of Oregon from where I retired in 2000 after 27 years. Along this journey, between marriage 47 years ago, having children, grandchildren, work, school and retiring, I got divorced 26 years ago, and have enjoyed that status.  I guess I’m a bit set in my ways, still kicking and waiting for my hair to turn gray and hope to be around for another 30-40 years.

Linda Isham Andrews

After graduation from South Salem, I attended OSU for 1 year.  That spring I got accepted into the dental hygiene program at U of O (now Oregon Health Sciences) and became a dental hygienist.  I married a classmate in the dental program and after graduation, moved to his hometown in Phoenix, AZ.  We worked together almost 40 years and amazingly have remained married, even though 24/7 can be challenging!!  We have 2 daughters,  Diedra (Michael) and Megan (Todd).  We travel to Europe every summer/fall because Dee is an international flight attendant.  I will not be able to attend the reunion because we will be in England over the Olympics (her husband is a Brit and our personal tour guide).  Has been fun reading the bios, tweaking the brain for memory!!  A wish for a fun, successful reunion and tip a glass or 2 of vino.  The Oregon wine industry is a wonderful asset and we've enjoyed touring multiple times.

Mary Prine Metzger

I attended the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, WA, graduated with a BS in Biology in 1966, and found a position teaching eighth grade science and math in Chehalis, WA. The next year, I married the seventh grade science and math teacher, and the following year I retired to our farm to await the birth of our first child, Erica, followed in three years by son Jens. Fourteen years later, I returned to teaching in Chehalis in the Gifted Program (Delta Base); along the way, while my children went to college, and while I was teaching, I was able to get my MA in Education. I had many wonderful teaching opportunities and experiences, but the time came to retire in 2004. I now have three grandchildren, a ten acre farm, and a busy, rich, and stimulating life. I enjoy reading, gardening, all kinds of needle crafts, playing Mah Jongg, having more time to socialize. My favorite memory at SSHS is “Funzapoppin” with Merry Ann McGlynn’s outrageous song and dance routine, and the three clever Chipmunks. I have always wondered who sent me a mysterious and anonymous val-o-gram.

Bob Grobe

I will not be able to attend 50th reunion but will be thinking of you all.  I attended the 30th and 40th and enjoyed my time there and would have liked to be there at the 50th, but as all of you know life gets in the way.  We planned our 4th trip to southern Africa last year before I knew when the reunion would be scheduled.  With that said I will miss the event, but will toast you all with a champagne toast.  As for life history, I left South Salem: graduated from OCE (Western Oregon State University) in Mathematics Education; returned to South Salem and McNary High Schools to teach mathematics and do some  coaching from 1966-69.  Next went to New Mexico State University for graduate studies, then did some teaching in universities and research activities in large school districts for about 25 years in Los Angeles area; Dallas, TX; San Jose, CA; Fresno, CA; and San Diego, CA.   More importantly, two children came into my life with my first wife, Marilyn.  Both children doing well.  Katherine resides in Austin, TX; while Eric is in Coronado, CA.  Now with my second wife, Deberie, we are retired; enjoying travel and life in Coronado, California.  For those of you who do not know, Coronado/San Diego has arguably the best climate in the United States.  Stop by sometime!!!! 


Vicki Kinton Waltz 

Working in our drug store with my husband, Jim Waltz, for 29 years was the best.  It has made the first 2 1/2 years of our retirement so easy, except for his open heart surgery.  We traveled a lot for gift shows and continuing education while working, but now we travel for total enjoyment.  Favorite places are Croatia, Turkey, Italy, The Little North Fork Of The North Santiam River and our townhouse in Medford, Oregon.  Funniest travel experience happened in Dublin, Ireland.  We were in our hotel bar for a going home party when Jim looked up and said "Hi Larry!"  There stood Larry Potts!  What are the chances of that?  We had just seen him at Oullette's performing. Jim and I waited many long years for our first grandchild.  Tyler just turned three and is a huge part of our life.  Sooo.....we purchased a townhouse in Medford for our many visits to see him often.  When we are in Gold Beach we volunteer at one of our local food banks two mornings a week.  Sure makes you appreciate what you have.  We are also involved in several other groups like Soroptomist, Rotary and The Health Foundation.  Since Jim was in the Class of 61, we are both looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th reunion.  Thank you all for my happy high school memories.