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Marilee Watts McCorriston
Following graduation from South Salem, I spent the summer in Kailua, Oahu, to babysit for my aunt's 4 children. I had the best tan of my life.. and also met my future husband, Fred. .  Fred was to be a Sophomore at Stanford and I was headed for the University of Washington for my Freshman Year, majoring in Communications/Public Speaking Education. We spent the next 4 years traveling to see each other, meeting in Oregon and Honolulu for holidays, Fred often working on the farm.  Fred and I were married at St. Paul's, with the reception held on our farm Aug 6, 1966. The first 10 years of marriage included several moves.  During our honeymoon we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Fred's final year at the Univ. of Michigan, while finishing his MBA, and I made it through my first year teaching and coaching public speaking and debate at Ann Arbor High. At the end of that year, we moved to Honolulu, with Fred working as a corporate accountant. I attended the Univ. of Hawaii for my Master in Public Speaking and taught the next year at Kamehameha High School ( for Hawaiian Children), which was my final year of teaching!  After 2 years in Honolulu, we moved to San Francisco, where Fred joined an accounting firm. I renewed my friendship with Sue Charles,  husband and 2 daughters, and loved visits with Laurie Hain's mother. Our first son Dan, was born in 1972, and within 3 months we moved to Mission Viejo, CA, when Fred became CFO of Coast (Hobie) Catamaran Co.  I was a stay at home Mom, and our second son, Terry was born in 1975. A highlight of our time in Southern CA, were visits with Sue Bennett and her children, who lived nearby, and with Sue Charles and family who moved to Southern Ca. at the same time we did.   With my 2 sisters and their families, and my Mother, (Dad died unexpectedly in 1977) living in Seattle and a new job opportunity for Fred, we left Mission Viejo, to live in Beaux Arts, a town near Bellevue and Seattle. We have been in Beaux Arts for 36 years, in a home with a large garden I have loved to tend. A wonderful reminder of our time living on Oak Crest Farm in Salem. (now Salemtowne)  When I thought our moving days were over, Fred became involved in real estate projects in Anchorage Alaska, hoping a commute would work for the family.   After the first year he was there, we decided that it was time for the family to move to Anchorage, never expecting it would be for 4 years.  The boys were in elementary school, which provided me with opportunities to support school activities, as well as serve as a Cub Scout leader. I also became a Bible Study Fellowship leader. Our last year in Anchorage I was hired by the Anchorage Hilton to serve as the Catering Director of a newly remodeled banquet space, located around the corner from the now famous Darwin's Theory bar. While living in Anchorage, we rented our home in Beaux Arts for 9 months each year, to 4 different families, so that the children and I could return to enjoy the summers.  We returned  permanently with Terry going into Jr. High, and Dan into High School. I was able to continue to working for Hilton Hotels in Catering and Sales at the Seattle Airport Hilton. Based on my resume of volunteer and hotel experience, and my desire to be in the non profit world, I was hired in 1987, as the new Guilds and Special Events Director at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, pioneer of the bone marrow transplant.  I served 9 years building a guild association of 20 groups of  women to raise funds through a variety of activities and serve as ambassadors of the Center.   I loved having the opportunity to cultivate, encourage and motivate volunteers. I met every type of volunteer, including a variety of sports celebrities and community leaders.  In 1996, I was recruited to be the Executive Director of the Leukemia Society of America, Northwest Chapter. During that time, our children had left home, and Fred was named the President of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, a narrow gauge railroad located in Skagway Alaska.  After 3 years, separated by our careers, I resigned from the L.S.A. Fred would stay in Skagway about 9 months, and I would be there 5-6 months, as we kept our home in Beaux Arts. I had no idea what I'd do in Skagway, but I was offered the most rewarding job of my career. During the tourist season, the local Daycare needed a certified teacher and Director. I loved my time with children, 12 months- 3rd grade.  Being in the red, I also helped the Daycare raise funds with an auction that has continued to grow and sustain it currently.    In 2003, we left Skagway, to return to our permanent home to be near children and family, especially my Mother. I was also hired to be the Pres/ CEO of the Northwest Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, which included Or. Wa. and Ak.  After much travel, long hours as our Chapter expanded, I decided to finally retire in 2007. I have continued to serve as a volunteer for several non profits, with most time spent as co chair and officer of the Seattle Children's Autism Center's Guild' annual auction. Our son Dan (40) met his wife Marcy at Whitman and with their 2 children live within 10 minutes of our home. Charlie is now 8, going into third grade, and Molly, is 4, and attends a Daycare part time. We have spent much time loving to babysit our grandchildren, often overnight.   Terry (37) remains single, but spends much time with us as his rock band has practiced in our underground basement for over 20 years. They have gigs throughout the Northwest, Mexico City and Canada. We are so blessed to have both sons living nearby, as well as my 2 sisters and their children's growing families. We have over 25 relatives at family holidays!   We do hope to travel more in the US, and abroad. I am enjoying being home gardening and having time to spend with family and friends. We have been going to Honolulu 2-3 times a year, as Fred's sister often has a home available and we visit members of his family, especially his mother, who is 97. We feel blessed to have just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.   We are looking forward to attending the 50th reunion, and I sincerely thank and commend those who have volunteered to ensure the success of our gathering.


Sharron A. Mills Green

My husband, Patrick, and I live on three beautiful acres bordering the Abiqua Creek in Silverton, Oregon. Which is fortunate as one of my passions is gardeningÖthe others being genealogy, cooking and writing. I received my Bachelorís degree from (then) OCE and taught at Sprague High in Salem and Parkrose High School in Portland. Patrick and I married and we combined our children into the "Green Machine" and lived in Portland. The children grew up as children do, and left home giving us the opportunity to live in Sun River, Oregon, upstate New York and finally our beloved home on the Abiqua. Iíve travelled through Europe, the South Seas and across the United States many timesÖeach time I was glad to go and happier still to come home.  Since writing is one of my passions, I wrote a newspaper column for years and have published a cook book. We have 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Currently, I am teaching a writing class to seniors wanting to write their life and family histories.  High school friends have always been some of my fondest memories. Life is good as there is always another flower to plant, recipe to try, essay to write and ancestor to discover.


Marralene Mennis-Oullette

OMGÖhere we are celebrating our 50th high school reunion. After high school, I graduated from Merritt Davis, business administration. I married my high school sweetheart. Bill Stein.  We had a daughter in 1964. Tami lives in Tigard, OR. We were married too young and divorced young. During my Human Resource work career I was always asked to organize company picnics, events fund raisers, etc. I have been President, VP, Director, Newsletters and on Boards of several organizations. Iím part computer geek, and thank goodness for email and internet these days, making the 50th reunion easier. Now donít ask me to sing, canít carry a tune, no talent there! Rodney graduated from OSU and moved to California. He bought the property in 1972, $1000 down $100 a month. He is basically a non-geek. After retirement, he was glad he didnít have to do anymore email!  Rodneyís hobbies are cooking, wine, and working on the property. Rodneyís famous words are, "Iím not on a committee". But he is always there, working hard. I squeezed this much from him, not a man of written words, as he prefers to talk in person about his life!  I met Rodney at our 20th class reunion, 1982. We didnít know each other in high school.  A year later we had an actual date.  Thanks Chuck Morgan for being Cupid! We were married on the property down Loverís Lane in 1987, celebrating our 25th anniversary July 4th 2012.  We have truly enjoyed a healthy and fun life together!  Rodney and I have traveled extensively before retirement and after retirement. I loved them all. Favorite was our Safari in Botswana Africa in 2004. Pictures were fantasticÖover 2,000 of them! My camera shook when taking pictures of the Lions! We also love our road trips with our two dogs, Peter and Oliver Twist, who are better travelers then we are! My hobbies of retired life are gardening (Master Gardener) in spring and summer and Genealogy in the winter. Iím hooked on Genealogy!  My other three loves are grandchildren; Chelsea (25), graduate of Linfield, Nursing, Willy (21) attends Portland State, and great grandson, born June 9, 2012. Quinn Robert Hobson.  He is so cute! Tami and the kids live in Beaverton & Tigard, OR.  Rodney and I are very pleased to share our property for the 50th. A special thanks to the local 50th reunion committee, great team effort!  Thank you to the Saxon alumni around the USA who searched hours and contacted other Saxons for this reunion. Thank you, great team effort! We are looking forward to seeing everyone; itís going to be very fun!

Red Roses & Golden Memories!

Sharon Rawlings Levin Smith Peterson

I have been married to Milt Peterson for 34 years.  He is a golf professional at Santiam Golf Course.  We have raised eight out of ten children and consider it a blessing.  I have had many surgeries over the years and feel thrilled to be here with all of my classmates celebrating 50 years.  Saxons '62

Stephany Grabenhorst Smith

I was not able to attend the reunion. Thanks to Marralene and John and the other members of the Reunion Committee, it looks like everyone had a great time. Life continues to be good. My husband, Dennis Heath, and I are enjoying our retirement, especially the ability to manage our own time! We love traveling in our RV and spoiling our grandchildren.

Jan Barr-Place-VandeZande

I have been on a great journey through life these last 50 years!  Born and raised in Salem, I began my initial career at Allstate Insurance.  After 7 years, I was transferred to the Seattle office, and worked there for another 4years.  I then started college for international business, and got a  two year degree in Business.  I became a claims adjuster, went through a divorce, then in the recession in the 80's, I was in a terrible accident, and lost my job. It was a horrible year.  After my recovery, the only jobs available were in sales.  I knew a little bit about sailing, so started selling yachts.  After 10 years of working for others, my new husband suggested that I start my own business.  The name of my business, was West Coast Yachs.  After six years of selling sailboats on consignment, I became the West Coast dealer for Hallberg Rassy yachts, built in Sweden, and two years later, became the dealer for Nautor Swan, built in Finland  Both Nautor Swan and Hallberg Rassy are high end yachts, starting at $250,000.00 and up to millions in price.  In 2002, during the dot com days, I became the worlds largest HR importer.  When I sold my business six years ago, I had imported 80 Hallberg Rassy yachts to the West coast.  It was a good business.  I am now retired, and have two vacation rentals that we own,  that I enjoy I enjoy managing.  One is on Key Penisula, and the other is in West Seattle.  When I remarried 24 years ago, I married a wonderful man 13 years younger.  He is a senior manager for Boeing, and has not yet retired.  We have had two sets of Golden Retrievers, no children, and enjoy our 43 Hallberg-Rassy sailboat.  We are members of Seattle Yacht Club, and enjoy cruising north and sailing locally. We live now live in the Tacoma area, and enjoy our beach home on Key Penisula.  After two years of having the long and hard to pronounce last name of VandeZande, I dropped it, and am known as Jan Place, although still married to Scott VandeZande.  Sorry to have missed the 50th, but glad to connect now.